Hit the Lodge Photography Workshop Details &; Information

Photography Workshop Details & Information

HTL is an event dedicated to your passion for photography. A workshop that gives you hands on experience, educational seminars and workshops that cater to your needs. HTL is a 4 day event with 2 and 3 day options. The full event starts Sunday June 11 and runs through Wednesday June 14. Take your photography to the next level and have a blast working with beautiful models in unique locations. Don't let it sell out. Get reserved now. If you have questions or want to be put on a mailing list, please email jt @ supershoots.com

HTL covers studio and natural light photography. Choose your interests in beauty, fashion, glamour, creative, portrait/wedding and post production. These are key elements for this creative workshop. HTL offers exciting seminars and hands on workshops for all skill levels. There are two wonderful studio locations that have over 3,000 sq. ft. of space. Each studio is well equipped with a variety of lighting so you can learn and create beautiful photography. The outdoor locations provide numerous Americana landscapes. A wonderful team of instructors, beautiful models, stylist and make up artists will provide you the ability to achieve photography excellence. From photography being a hobby to the professional making a living, HTL will inspire you and take your photography to the next level.

Hit the Lodge now offers 4 lodge properties in unison. A complete private facility and properties for the group. This is ideal for having a wonderful 4 day photography event experience.


Seminars are formal educational classes from our team of instructors. Seminars are scheduled in the morning each day while models are being prepared in make up and styling. There are creative lighting, posing, communication, facial analysis and also cover Adobe PS and LR techniques. Seminars will inspire you with expert information. They will show you the current trends in photography and offer you knowledge to take years off your learning curve.


Workshops are live photographic sessions that are controlled by our mentors. You will learn from a variety of techniques that are used by top photographers. They are designed to offer you technical information and visual perspectives to enhance your own photography. New this year is an option to take a complete course on filmmaking. Photographers wanting to learn about HDSLR video production should definitely attend HTL.


Our experienced staff will evaluate your skill level and lead your own photography sessions with our models. HTL Mentors offer insights from their photography experience for you to learn different styles and techniques. You can learn a variety of skill sets with each mentor over the course of the event.


You will photograph our models for a scheduled time period through out each day. Our staff will be there to guide anyone needing assistance and/or offer additional information. Staff will not take away any of your scheduled shooting time, unless requested by you during your shooting time. There will be NO over the shoulder shooting. There will be NO "hogging" the models. This will be enforced so that each photographer can maximize his or her shooting time with each model. Scheduled sessions are 1 on 1. That means you have control over your session time with each model.


Each room has two beds and private bath. If you sign up now, early registrations have priority to a private room based on availability. All 4 lodges have large common areas for relaxing and recreational use.


Private lodging includes guaranteed private room for 4 nights. Private rooms offer more space for yourself. Meals are included. A luxury room upgrade is one of our larger private rooms with a king size bed. This arrangement guarantees you a private room during the event. There are limited rooms so make sure you register today before they sell out. If you have questions about room types, please call 217 408 8761.


A luxurious suite room that has a king bed, fridge, fire place, jacuzzi and large bathroom. Your significant other or another colleague can be included with the buddy ticket option. Spend your downtime at HTL in ulitmate comfort. Meals included.


A celebration to introduce you to all photographers, models and staff. A meeting to set the stage for HTL.


A celebration to close out HTL. We honor everyone for all the hard work. Appreciation is shown to you, our staff that has given up their time to model, mentor, instruct, and apply makeup and style hair so all of us could enjoy the event. This follows the final banquet dinner.

"This was a fantastic learning experience, and the bargain of my lifetime in photography!"

J. Hall

"No other event comes close to offering so many elements under one roof!"

A. Smith

"I was becoming trapped in my own creative mind with whatever PPA wanted me to see. HTL gave me just what I needed to take my creativity to the next level."

J. Sparling

"I absolutely loved every minute of HTL and our holiday to USA - You and the mentors have all helped me so much. I am really grateful for the HTL experience and all it has given.

G. Moppit

"I can't thank you and everyone enough for the wonderful experience, I am still in awe from all the great instruction and good times!"

M. Hill

"HTL offers a series of excursions into a rich and diverse photography experience!"

C. Shroeder

"Had a great time at HTL 2015 - Will see you again next year. Thanks Everyone!"

J. Beharry


Hit the Lodge photography workshop instructors. The official instructors will be announced closer to the event. We are bringing in new programs and workshop instructors to HTL XVIII.


J T Smith

Seeing the Light - Beauty/Portraits - Facial Analysis - Directing - Posing

32 years of photography experience in Portraits, Beauty, Swimwear, Glamour, and Commercial photography. Studies Include Associates Degree in Applied Science and Art from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale's Photography Production Technology Program. Award winning photographer of the Association of Professional Photographers of Illinois.

J T brings a level of professionalism and class to web based events where people walk away from the event feeling like they have gained more than just the opportunity to photograph beautiful models. Networking, learning and having fun is what HTL and other Supershoots.com events are all about. Photographers and models will leave HTL with inspiration and a better outlook for the passion of photography. The experiences take photographers and models to the next level.


J T Smith

Keynote Speaker

Get inspired by the founder of Supershoots.com and Hitthelodge.com. J T will open up HTL XVIII with his inspiration for photoraphy seminar, "It's about photography, period"

J T will also mentor when shooting on location. HTL provides a variety of scenes outdoors. Understand how to control natural light and what to look for when shooting outdoors at anytime of the day. J T's photographic experiences will put you in touch with proven techniques so you can start to develop your own style. J T will also present creating wedding images that will make you photograph images that you will profit more in your wedding business. This workshop is an option for any wedding photographers that wants to improve their environmental wedding photography.


Jeremy Sparling

Studio Lighting

Jeremy is an award winning photographer that has over 20 years of professional photographic experience and has an extensive knowledge of modern lighting styles as well as professional photographic retouching, providing high quality images for advertising, publication and private clients


Jeremy Sparling


Jeremy will guide you if you are looking for individual attention to help you with your knowledge, technique and understanding of creating the images that have a sense of purpose. Jeremy brings the old school of photography to the digital age with class and style.


Josh Berardi

Adobe Photoshop - Post Production

Josh brings his experience of post production and creative eye for photography. Josh is an expert in Photoshop and Light Room. From basic to advanced instructor, Josh will share plenty of information to make your life easier in putting the finishing touches on images.


Josh Berardi


Josh is also a photography mentor who will guide you to create images to be proud of. He knows the importance of getting it right in camera or to make the controlled sacrifices to have a better post production experience in creating the final image.


Tim Jackson


Tim Jackson, a career photographer who turned his image making skills towards filmmaking five years ago. His still photography has been published in Rolling Stone, the lingerie issue of WWE Magazine, People, SPIN and numerous other magazines & websites worldwide. Tim is a former photo editor at SKI Magazine and his photography is currently represented by WireImage & Getty stock agencies. While attending the MFA Film program at Ohio University, Tim filled his reel with narrative stories, fashion shoots and music videos. In 2014, he completed his first feature-length documentary, doing everything from shooting & sound to editing & distribution. Tim specializes in creating video content for the web and Internet distribution.


Tim Jackson

Create Differently

Tim will mentor his creative lifestyle photography visions with you. His presentations are inspiring and highly educational to teach you to stop cookie cutting your photography and to create your own style with your own vision.






Kevin May

Special VIP Guest!!

Kevin is always invited to HTL. If his schedule allows it, he likes to bomb the party with his wisdom

HTL has over 15 beautiful models. The official line up will be announced closer to the event. Some models listed here will be attending HTL XVIII - CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT AND SAVE NOW

Models who have attended in past HTL's are listed below with many others not listed.



Naomi is from Minnesota.

Naomi joins us after attending several Supershoots Events. Eclectic model. Fun and full of energy.



Rosa is from Illinois

Rosa returns to HTL. This will be her second HTL.



Marjorie is a veteran model to HTL

Marjorie is based out of Minneapolis. She is a veteran to Super Shoots events. Cute as a doll and an experienced model to photograph. She is an agency signed model.



Shanna is a third year veteran to HTL.

This will be Shanna's third HTL experience. Shanna is not only gorgeous but a very fit model. She grew up in the area of HTL so this is home for Shanna.



Aleisa is from Illinois.

Aleisa first joined us in Peoria for the Peoria SS. Gorgeous model to photograph.



Tiffany is from Illinois

Tiffany is a veteran model to Supershoots. Attending several events. Unique look and a diverse model.



Rachel is from Iowa

Rachel has appeared on Fox Sports 1. She also won Hooters girl for the state of Iowa. .



Sammi is from Minnesota

Sammi is beautiful and very photogenic. A fun model to work with.



Megan is from Missouri

Megan is a beautiful fitness model from St. Louis. This will be her 2nd Hit the Lodge experience.




Emmy is a dream to photograph. She is also a wonderful make up artist.



Kassi is from Illinois.

Sassi will join us again at HTL. Her first event with Supershoots was HTL XVI.



Stephanie is also a wonderful and creative make up artist for HTL

Stephanie is simply beautiful. A veteran and a huge part in the HTL family. She is also one of our make up artists.



Bailey is an up and coming model from Ohio

Bailey has modeled for us for two Columbus Supershoots and will be wonderful to photograph. This will be her first HTL. We are excited to have her.



Danielle is from Michigan

Danielle has attended several Supershoots events in 2015 and 2016. Looking forward to her first HTL with us.

Michelle White Photo


Melissa, a Chicago based model

Melissa first joined us for Studio 61 Photography Workshop. This will be her first HTL.


Nicole Summer

Nicole is a St. Louis based model

This will be Nicole's second HTL and third Supershoots workshop.

Hit the Lodge photography workshop features top make up and hair artists to prep the models for your scheduled photo sessions. From clean beauty to creative fashion to bombshell, these artists create amazing looks.



Make up and hair

Wynete is an amazing make up and hair artist. Bombshell to Fashion with class and style



Make up and hair

Stephanie loves to create and style beauty. She also models for us. Go figure!.



Make up and hair

April puts the Glam in our models. A very experienced hair stylist. Hey, she models for us too.



Make up and hair

Kristie's glamour and beauty approach is killer. Being a model herself, she brings out the best in them. Kristie is also our event coordinator and the Queen of SS.



Make up and hair

Leslie's first event was the Chicago Supershoots series. Clean beauty to die for.



Make up and hair

Candee brings creative style in her artistry. Beauty to editorial fashion to glamour. She rocks the looks.









HTL June 11-14, 2017- The itinerary is subject to change to best serve you and the event. The itinerary is to be used as a current guideline. HTL offers a variety of lighting workshops, photography education, retouching and toning classes. HTL offers you inspiring seminars that will cater to your specific needs. HTL crosses all platforms. Portrait photographers can gain an edge on their competition by attending HTL. You will photograph models with beautiful makeup artistry for your displays and marketing material. You will learn and be inspired to create images that have impact for your business, personal art or hobby. Shoot with a purpose. Attend HTL and be a better photographer.


  • 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Arrive, sign in and register for your classes
  • 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Check in to rooms
  • 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Hands on Photography Workshops
  • 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dinner and Opening Ceremonies


  • 10 a.m. to Noon Seminar/Workshops/Classes
  • Noon to 1 p.m. Lunch
  • 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Free Time/Study Hall
  • 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Scheduled photo sessions with each model
  • 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dinner
  • 9 p.m. to Midnight After Hour Shooting Schedule - Studio available with reservation ($25 an hour)


  • 10 a.m. to Noon Seminar/Workshops/Classes
  • Noon to 1 p.m. Lunch
  • 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Free Time/Study Hall
  • 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Scheduled photo sessions with each model
  • 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dinner
  • 9 p.m. to Midnight After Hour Shooting Schedule - Studio available with reservation ($25 an hour)


  • 10 a.m. to Noon Seminar/Workshops/Classes
  • Noon to 1 p.m. Lunch
  • 1 p.m to 2 p.m. Break
  • 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Scheduled photo sessions with each model
  • 7 p.m. Dinner
  • 8 p.m. Closing Ceremonies
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"My experience at HTL not only boosted my skill-level in photography but also my confidence as a photographer. I will be back for more. Thanks to JT and the gang for an amazing experience!" - Fishhook Creek Photography

"To say it is a 10 out of 10 is a lie..it is off the charts. Loved it!" - L. Wilke

"This was my first time experience at HTL. I really didn't know what to expect and went into it with a open mind. I learned so much photography wise, it was unbelievable. The mentors, models, and Make up artists and hair stylist are all excellent. That's only a small part of the HTL experience. Life had so few perfect moments and experiences but at HTL every minute was priceless. Not only the beautiful location in Gods country, but away from all the troubles in the world. To share such an experience with all types and ages of photographers is truly worth going in itself...I am still smiling every time I think of my own experience and I cant wait until next years HTL. Oh, did I mention the awesome home cooking at HTL..Life doesn't get any better than being at HTL. Making many new friends and seeing some old ones as well." - T. Rothe

HTL Includes seminars in: Basic and Advanced Adobe Photoshop, Creative and Fine Art Photography, Seeing the Light seminars and workshops, Facial Analysis, Posing/Communication, Studio Lighting, Natural Light, Beauty and Fashion, Portraits / HS Senior, Glamour and Bombshell Photography, Shooting On Location, Shooting for Images that have Impact and much much more...

If you have questions please call 217 408 8761. Below are routine questions asked that may help you answer some of your questions.

Yes, you can email J T Smith privately and make arrangements. Full payment during our early bird period will save you up front.
Normal registration includes shared lodging. The Lodge has modern individual themed sleeping rooms with various styled comfortable beds in each room. We do our best to match up personalities. If available, we do offer normal private rooms and luxury suite rooms. Please check the register page.
You are committing yourself when you register. There are no refunds. In case of emergency you can be credited to a future event.
We strive on at least a 2 photographer to 1 model ratio.
Yes, studio lighting will be a huge part of HTL. We will have 5 studio set ups during our scheduled shooting. Photographers may bring their own lights and set up in common areas within reason.
You will have time with each model individually. We pair up photographers so both can assist and work from each other. It's scheduled out so each one will have equal opportunity to photograph one on one. We stress no over the shoulder or gang style shooting.
You can use all of the images for self promotional purposes such as your website, portfolio and promo pieces. Models sign self promotional release for you.
Bring camera, lenses and media. If you own a laptop, bring it. You should bring your own reflectors, tripod, portable speedlite and accessories that you would normally take with you wherever you go. We provide all studio lighting and triggers for the official workshop
That will be up to each model individually and is not a part of the official event. You can ask each model during the event if she would like to setup a private modeling session after hours.
Yes, an updated itinerary will be emailed out in advance, but that schedule is subject to change during the event to best serve everyone. Sometimes things beyond ourcontrol happen or better ideas come along so we try to be flexible to provide the best experience. .
We recommend you offer two web size images to each model and the corresponding muah. Photographers should recognize the models and make up artists efforts and reward them. Photographers and models/muah are encouraged to communicate and continue to network after the event is over with. . It is a great marketing tool for the photographer to have models spreading their work around. The models work very hard for you so we suggest you honor them in some way. We suggest two of your best images of each model to be considered, as previously mentioned. If you agree to send images, then we recommend that to be delivered to the models 6 weeks after the event. If you promise a model you will give images then you must follow through with your verbal agreement with them. You and the models are encouraged to exchange contact information.
Since our educational seminars are usually in the morning and some late evenings, there is going to be plenty of time to shoot each model over the course of the event. Professional Mentor Programs fill in scheduling gaps each day while models are being prepped by our wonderful MUAH staff will allow a wonderful scheduled shooting time frame for you. All times are divided up equally but certain things out of our control may conflict with exact times for each model. Further instruction will be available to you during your shooting time if you request it.
Yes, generally a week after the event, we organize a complete contact list and email that to you. Also contact info will be listed in the program handed out at opening ceremonies.
This event is open to photographers of all experience levels. Photographers choose seminars based on their skill level. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced classes are offered. Some programs will be suited for all photographers. Mentors will guide individual groups organized by skill level. Mentor programs are catered to each individual needs during your scheduled photo sessions. Do not feel intimidated if you are a beginner or intermediate. If you are a professional, do not fear its too simple. HTL is designed to help your individual needs. Many advanced photographers attend to build their portfolio and business displays and online marking tools. Everyone discovers new techniques, while beginners come to learn from the ground up. Take photography to YOUR next level and experience the passion of photography. Breaking bread with all of your colleagues is priceless.